U.P. Smalltalkers 2011.04.23

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[edit] Modtalk

  1. Build program
  2. Analyze program
    • Semantic analyzer
    • Definition installer
    • Module migrator (makes sure changes are still sound; returns an instance of MigrationResult)
  3. Load program with no methods into environment
    • Instantiate classes
    Must embed in Squeak namespace (proper embedding)


[edit] Side Thoughts

Can I use Squeak.Object for Modtalk.Object?

  • Environment
    • Program
    • Tool Interface
      • Compiler
      • Loader

[edit] Mangled Names

MT_UndefinedObject class: MT_UndefinedObject

Our mangling: prefix with "MT_"

[edit] Empty Program

  • Program
    • Subsystem
      • Top Level Cluster
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