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Modtalk development notes.

[edit] Use Cases

  • Initiate Repository Session — Identify user to the repository system. Provide an instance of RepositoryManager configured for that user. (See figure 2.)
  • Browse Repositories — ...
  • Access Repository — Returns a RepositoryInterface.
  • Register Entity Type (with RepositoryManager) - User provides a type name and class name for reader/writer to be used for that type; warn if type already registered.
  • Commit Entity — Create entity...
  • Commit Entity Revision — Create entity revision... specify entity name and an object; the repositoryentity will grab the object and serialize it out into the store
  • Check Out Entity Revision — Get entity revision...
  • Create Repository — ...

[edit] Side Notes

  • An EntityRevision would manifest itself as folder containing the data fork and metadata fork.

[edit] Access Control Sources

The files contained within the following ZIP archive for historical documentation purposes only. For actual use, merge in changes from the Modtalk Monticello repository.

Initial creation of Modtalk Access Control classes and tests:

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