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UUG has come up with the idea to host video tutorials to teach new users how to do simple tasks. Matt has thrown together a few quick ideas, but this is our page to discuss ideas on how to effectively create these videos, and to decide what topics these videos should be about.

[edit] Ideas

  • Use still images put in a slideshow type deal for better effect

[edit] Topics

  • Intro (What is Linux)
  • Pre-Installed Apps (Ubuntu)
  • 3D Effects (Ubuntu)
  • Installing Applications (Ubuntu)
  • Basic Terminal

[edit] Current Standards

  • Using "RecordMyDesktop" to screencast.
  • Convert videos to *.dv using "INSERT COMMAND HERE"
  • Split up the video.
  • Add text using "titler" effect (Keep default settings, changing only position and font size (28pt))
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