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The Technology Reform Special Interest Group of the NMU Unix User Group is an organized body working towards changing NMU Policies regarding technology that we feel are "insert nice words here".


[edit] People

  • Josh Cook — SIG Lead
  • Maybe you? — Student Rep for ETRCP
  • Or you? — Student Rep for ETRCP
  • Darren St. Amour — Grieved.
  • Paul Erickson — Special Interest Goon
  • Brian Krent — Consultant

[edit] Points to discuss

The following will be discussed at the UUG meeting on Friday, October 17th 2008.

[edit] Plan of action (tentative)

  • Get two student reps into the ETRCP meetings through the ASNMU
  • Bring things to the attention of the ETRCP and the Academic Senate through the ASNMU
  • Meet with ACS person to discuss things and let them know that we are bringing this to the attention of the appropriate bodies.

[edit] Grievences

  • Use of MAC addresses to lock people out.
  • Security flaws in the EBS program.
  • Free and legal music being flagged by the "black box".
  • Copyright lockout without appeal.
  • Anything else.

[edit] Planning Committee Meeting Times

  • Monday, 20 Oct. 2008 at 6:30PM
  • NSF 1207 (If elsewhere, detour sign will be posted... probably the Atrium or something...)
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