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[edit] 2011

[edit] 2010

  • 09.17
    • RevOS

[edit] 2009

  • 03.27
    • Music of the Day: Alisha presents something
    • Command of the Day: Danielle presents 'update-alternatives'!
  • 02.13
    • CC Music: Brian plays some music.
    • Command .bashrc of the day: Josh presents .bashrc stuff.
    • Darren explains GnuPG.
  • 02.06
    • Tech talk: Chris Wells makes a perl script to check disk usage.
    • 13 Feb GnuPG informational session scheduled.
    • 21 Feb Game Night/Keysigning Party scheduled.

[edit] 2008

  • 09.12: Casual meeting: We watched "The Last Man on Earth" (1964).
  • 09.08: UPCON SIG: first meeting; planning/discussion started with regard to UPCON
  • 08.29: First meeting of the Fall '08 semester! Introductions all around. "What is UNIX?" presented by Brian Krent.
  • 06.10 - 2008.07.08: Freshman orientation: thanks to all that helped out at the student organization fair sessions! (Brian Krent, James Ives, Josh Cook, Chris Wells, Thomas Moran, and Amy Elliott helped represent the NMUUUG!)
  • 04.25: Tech talk: Chris Wells presented on LAMP (and BAMP) — Linux (and BSD) with Apache, MySQL, and PHP. He showed the cheapskate method — i.e., Ubuntu Server (it's already done for you); but more importantly, he went over performing the install and setup on an already established system (i.e., one which has not been AMP'd) for both Ubuntu Linux and FreeBSD. Webmin setup and use was also demonstrated.
  • 04.18: Casual meeting: James Ives demoed Ubuntu 8.04, and everyone ate cake.
  • 04.11: Meeting cancelled; talk rescheduled due to inclement weather. (Campus closed.)
  • 04.04: Casual meeting: Group photo and gaming (LAN & Wii).
  • 03.21: Casual meeting: We received permission and watched the movie Revolution OS.
  • 03.14: Tech talk: "Good *nix habits" and screen. (Content to be posted online soon, hopefully.)
  • 03.07: No meeting due to Spring Break
  • 02.29: Casual meeting: Movie night! We watched Gamera the Invincible
  • 02.22: Tech talk: Darren presented on GPG
  • 02.15: General discussion occurred; also, Posters!
  • 02.08: Tech talk: Chris Wells presented on compiling the Linux kernel.
  • 02.01: Tech talk: Ethan Lieske gave a presentation on WINE. Video will be posted shortly.
  • 01.18: General discussion: Introductory meeting of the semester. Future plans discussed. Minutes

[edit] 2007

  • 12.01: Event: Linux Install Fest (NMUBUNTU) and GPG Party!
  • 10.27: Special interest: Mock install fest; tried out West Science Lecture Room "B".
  • 10.26: Special interest: Small meeting; briefly discussed tomorrow's mock install fest.
  • 10.19: Special interest: Even more NMUBUNTU work!
  • 10.12: Special interest: We worked on putting together NMUBUNTU for the Install Fest.
  • 10.05: Meeting cancelled; talk rescheduled to October 12, 2007 due to conflicts with homecoming.
  • 09.28:
    • Tech talk: Tor (The Onion Router) was presented on by Brian Krent.
    • General discussion: CSC, the "Computer Science Community," was briefly discussed; topics concerning content management systems.
    • Special interest: NMUBUNTU and the Install Fest discussed. NMUBUNTU Install Fest will be combined with a GPG Party. Some specific things discussed included ext3 support under Windows, ntfs-3g under Ubuntu, and the ThinkPad Buttons (tpb). Friday, October 5th, we'll have a "NMUBUNTU Meeting" to get NMUBUNTU made for the Install Fest.
  • 09.14:
    • General discussion: We discussed how to get the NMU provided laptop to play nicely with a dual-boot configuration, sharing the hard drive between Ubuntu, and the newest NMU image.
  • 08.31: Tech talk: First meeting! Introduction and bash keyboard shortcuts.
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