Linux Install Fest (Fall 2008)

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Fall 2008 Event Completed: We had a decent turn-out (especially for day-before advertising)—at least 11 non-NMUUUG people along with 8 NMUUUG members. (Actual number of attendees may have been higher.) Please contact the NMU Unix User Group concerning future events or any related queries.

[edit] What is the Linux Install Fest?

The primary focus of this event is the installation of Ubuntu Linux. However, we won't limit ourselves to just that; all *nix distributions are welcome!

[edit] When and where?

  • Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2008
  • Time: 5-9 PM
  • Place: New Science Facility, Room 1205

[edit] FAQ

  • Will I have to remove Windows?
    Nope! Linux works quite well along with other operating systems such as Windows.
  • Should I backup my data?
    Yes! It's strongly recommended that you backup your data; we will be able to do a backup at the event if you are not able to do so beforehand.
  • What should I bring?
    Your computer! If you have a desktop system, it's recommended that you bring along your keyboard, mouse, and display. However, we will be able to provide a limited supply keyboards, mice and displays for use at the fest if it's awkward to bring your own.

[edit] Contacts

[edit] Forms

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