ACM Meeting Minutes 2012.02.03

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  • Brainstorming for a T-shirt/logo design for the Arcade Mashup-themed programming contest
    • Sue knows who to talk to about T-shirt printing
    • Favorite ideas to include: Pac man, Space Invaders, Asteroids
    • Shirt ideas
      • Big space invader
      • ship logo
      • "2012" on back of shirt
      • "Game Over" and/or "Continue ? 10"
      • Green on black background
    • Poster idea: DK holding a barrel with other game characters coming out of it
  • BonzAI Brawl @ MTU: tentatively March 31st
  • UPCON: officially April 14th
    • Students are invited to present from between 10 minutes to an hour.
      • Dave can do his bike lock algorithm presentation
      • Clayton will do his senior project
      • Josh Fridstrom on his Intel Battleship app
  • 8-bit Bake Sale - waiting for approval for Thursday, Feb. 23 in front of Starbucks (Lower level LRC) from 12-5! Please try and make it if you have time.
  • Dave has a Tron game we can use to practice for BonzAI Brawl
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