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CATURDAY 5PM NSF1207 - Phase I: Backing-up, /mansion → /home,...
SUNDAY 12NOON NSF1207 - Phase II: Finalize and DEPLOY!

[edit] Purpose

The Server SIG functions has a joint special interest group between the NMUUUG and the NMU-ACM, focusing on operations with regard to CSC.

[edit] Servers

  • CSC (Faculty member responsible: Jeffrey Horn)
  • VR (Faculty member responsible: Jeffrey Horn)

[edit] Proposed Services

  • Shell accounts (for any majors, minors, ACM and UUG members and alumni).
    • Personal web pages
  • Git hosting (private and public)
  • Wiki
    • MediaWiki? (has Revisiting, WYSIWYG)
    • Atrium? (has Revisiting, WYSIWYG)
  • Linux repository mirror
  • Package request script
  • Backup service

[edit] Discussion Venue

Join in on IRC. Channel is #ssig.

[edit] Problem

CSC is getting a little rusty.

[edit] Solutions

[edit] Swap Procedure

  1. Experiment with software on VR (time period: long duration)
  2. Create final software setup on VR (time period: long duration)
  3. Copy over user data (time period: within 24 hours of final deployment)
  4. Switch the HDDs between VR and CSC
  5. Turn on CSC and verify all services are operating properly
    • Apache: wiki, user homepages
    • Unreal IRCd

[edit] Least Path of Action

  • At the very least, all existing environment software updated an to the latest versions. This means, OpenBSD, MediaWiki, and UnrealIRC.

[edit] Other Paths of Action

  • New Operating System?
    • OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux?
  • Underlying filesystem?
  • Wiki? (Any real benefit to a new wiki?)
  • LDAP? (Unified user login? Easy administration for services.)
  • Distribution mirrors?
    • BSD, Linux, etc?

[edit] Considerations

General questions for consideration for any technology put forth.

  • What are the pros?
  • What are the cons?
  • Will it be used? (Does it solve a need or is it a solution looking for a need?)
  • Will it be secure?
    • CSC has 0 incidents thus far. (Yay us! Yay OpenBSD anal-retentiveness.)
    • In contrast, Euclid has had a bunch; frequently due to weak passwords (enforcement issue) or Linux kernel/service exploits (Linux issue).
  • Will it require constant maintenance?
  • Will it need to be rebooted often for kernel updates? (Cf. security & maintenance)
    • OpenBSD is better than Linux in this, in practice.
    • Ksplice allows Linux to compete with OpenBSD in regard to secure uptime, though.

[edit] People

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