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This is an unofficial listing. Please check the Mathematics and Computer Science Department's website for the official Network Computing program requirements.

LIBERAL STUDIES   30 - 40 Credits
Composition 8 Credits  
Humanities 8 Credits  
Mathematics/Natural Sciences 8 Credits  
Social Sciences 8 Credits  
Formal Communications: *MA171 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 4 Credits  
Visual and Performing Arts 4 Credits  
MAJOR: TOTAL   42-43 Credits
Network Computing Core 21 Credits  
**CS120 Computer Science I or CS120A Accelerated Computer Science 4 Credits  
CS122 Computer Science II 4 Credits  
CS201 Programming in C++ 3 Credits  
CS222 Data Structures 4 Credits  
CS326 Object-Oriented Design 3 Credits  
CS480 Senior Project in Computer Science 3 Credits  
Mathematics Requirement

3 Credits

MA240 Discrete Mathematics (3 Crs.)    
Networking Requirement 3 Credits  
CS228 Network Programming (3 Crs.)    
Computer Science Electives 6-7 Credits  
CS442 Advanced Networking 3 Credits  
CS444 Parallel & Distributed Processing 4 Credits  
CS460 Advanced Web Programming 3 Credits  
CS, MA, CIS and AD Electives:  Choose from the following 9 Credits  
CS courses numbered 200 or higher, excluding those with middle digit "5." (1-9 Crs.)    
AD134 Electronic Imaging: Introduction 4 Credits  
AD234 Electronic Imaging: Web Design 4 Credits  
AD334 Electronic Imaging: 3D 4 Credits  
AD434 Electronic Imaging: 3D 4 Credits  
CIS330 Novell Network Operating Systems II 4 Credits  
CIS334 Microsoft Network Operating Systems II 4 Credits  
CIS440 Management Information Systems 4 Credits  
CIS464 Database Management Systems 4 Credits  
MINOR   20 Credits
ELECTIVES   20 Credits
*Network Computing students must take MA171 to satisfy their formal communications requirement.
**Satisfies the formal communication studies requirement.
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