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Organization no longer operating.
Unfortunately, this group is now defunct. br Please checkout the NMU ACM!
Chat with us on IRC in #nmu!

ñ The NMU Unix User Group (NMUUUG) is a student organization that develops and promotes interest in alternative operating systems (non-Windows); primarily this includes, but is not limited to, Unix derivatives. Further, the group helps to bring together students and non-students in the Marquette area, allowing them to socialize and learn in a group atmosphere.

Typical meeting types:

  • Tech talks → Presentations on various topics related to *nix systems, such as security, desktop environments, gaming, system administration, networking, etc.
  • Casual meetings → News, current events, tips/tricks, Q&A, chillin’, movies, gaming, etc.
  • Special interest meetings → Projects such as NMUBUNTU (our own Ubuntu Linux distribution geared around NMU campus life, which we deployed in the Fall ‘07 semester and plan to re-deploy for this Fall '08, as well) or UPCON (we’re working on the idea of a UP computer/security conference). Also the Technology Reform Group!

[edit] Activities

This group is no longer meeting.

Calendar of events: XML, iCal, HTML

[edit] Meeting Minutes

Main article: NMU Unix User Group Meeting and Event Log

[edit] Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups within the NMUUUG:

[edit] Contacts

Main article: UUG Officers

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