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Welcome to the Computer Science Community at NMU! The Computer Science Community is a collaborative communication experiment, source code repository, and project system run by the Computer Science students of the ACM and NMU Unix User Group cooperatively (with faculty advising).

NMU is currently linked up with MTU as part of the USLUG IRC Network. To participate, see the IRC page.


We offer the following services facilitate academic discussions, projects, and create a social atmosphere for creative and thoughtful engagement:

Communication Services

Project Services

Organizations, Projects, and Activities

Association for Computing Machinery, NMU Student Chapter

NMU Unix User Group:

U.P. Smalltalkers

breveCluster Computation Group:

  • Waterhole — analysis and 3D visualization of multiple trophic cascade scenarios
  • Isthmus — evolving reproductive behaviors for a simulated vehicle and creating simulated ecosystem
  • Synergy — Cell B/E programming

Virtual NMU Group:



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