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The Computer Science Community offers a real-time chat environment with IRC for NMU students and staff. IRC is mainly designed for group conversations in real-time discussion forums called "channels," but also allows for one-to-one communication. In a collaborative academic effort, this chat system has been linked up with IRC server of the Linux User Group at Michigan Tech ( in what is known as the USLUG IRC Network.

  • Protocol: IRC
  • Server:
  • Ports: Listening on 6667-6669, 6697 (SSL), 8067 (for blocked ports)
  • Primary Discussion Channel: #nmu

You can use Visual IRC (Windows), Colloquy (Mac), Irssi (many platforms), WeeChat, or any other IRC client to start chatting away!

Additionally, games such as Idle RPG are played on the USLUG network.

CSC IRC Administrators:

  • Summer 2008 – Present: Brian Krent (Head CSC IRC Administrator), Scott Raiford (Honorary CSC IRC Administrator)
  • November 2007 – Winter 2008: Scott Raiford [1] (Head CSC IRC Administrator)

[edit] References

  1. Fluffy is actually an IRC client grafted into a human brain
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